World Leadership School

By the Numbers

World Leadership School, and its nonprofit foundation TabLab, partner with schools around the world to transform learning and empower next generation leaders. We carefully measure the impact of our travel programs for global student leadership on all of our partner schools. Over the last decade, World Leadership School has worked with 90 independent schools in the US and abroad and 3,100 students and faculty. With our help and instructional coaching, these schools are designing global student leadership education programs, shifting classrooms to Project-Based Learning, and offering life-changing volunteer travel programs for students and faculty.

Through TabLab, we’re also transforming learning for rural partner schools in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the rural USA. Thanks mostly to student fundraising, we have raised $905,969 in donations since 2008, which has been invested in classrooms, dining halls, girls dormitories, and other critical school service projects. TabLab partners with rural schools inside the classroom as well with a 2-year program of technology, teacher training, and curriculum.

Our Educators (Teacher Coaching + In-Service)

Educators learn to teach in new ways and connect learning outside the classroom thanks to our teacher coaching (Virtual Teacher Institute) and In-Service Workshops.


100% of faculty feel more prepared to develop collaborative partnerships to enhance learning in their classroom.


88% of faculty say they are rethinking their teaching approach to include 21st learning.

Our Educators (Travel)

With WLS travel programs, teachers break through to new mindsets, ways of teaching, and perspectives on the world.


99% of faculty feel inspired to integrate global issues and perspectives in their classroom after a WLS travel program.


93% of faculty feel they have deepened their understanding of Project Based Learning and student-centered pedagogies.


83% of faculty feel they walked away with practical "take aways" they can use in their classroom immediately.


94% of faculty say they are rethinking their teaching approaches to include more 21st century learning.

Our Students

WLS travel programs help students engage with new realities, explore a personal sense of purpose, and step forward as leaders.


95% of students feel motivated to continue learning about global issues because of their WLS experience.


90% of students feel empowered to find solutions to global challenges.


50% of all participants have reshaped what they plan to study or do in the future.


87% of students feel inspired to take action on challenges in their own communities and beyond.

Our Student’s Educators

WLS travel programs also help students develop skills around leadership, global awareness, and cross-cultural communication, according to their teachers.


97% of educators report their students are better able to explore differences in cultures.


94% of faculty report their students have deepened their understanding of different types of global leadership.


93% of faculty report their students have a better understanding of who they are now and where they are going as leaders.


93% of faculty report their students are better prepared to take meaningful action on global issues.

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