Welcome to World Leadership School Online Applications

The WLS online application system allows you to electronically complete, sign and submit documents related to your WLS program, including:

  • Student/Faculty Application and Application Terms & Conditions
  • Student/Parent Contract
  • Acknowledgment and Assumption of Risks & Release and Indemnity Agreement (“Risk & Release form”)
  • Program Medical form and Physicians Signature Form (also containing Parent/Faculty Signature Verification)
NOTE: The above documents can only be completed and signed by the individuals specified. Do not complete or sign for someone else, either on the online or paper version!

Faculty Participants: You will need to review, complete and sign the Application and Terms & Conditions, Risk & Release form and the Program Medical form. You will also need to submit a signed Physician Signature Form.

Parents/Legal Guardian ("parent/s"):Your participating son/daughter will need your username and password in order to help complete and sign all the forms. We ask that your son/daughter review these forms in order to confirm his or her understanding and agreement to various aspects of the WLS program. These forms may have legal ramifications for your minor son or daughter. Faculty participants, parent/s of student participants and any adult student participants understand that completing these forms involves your acceptance of binding contract terms.

Students:Please complete, review and discuss these forms carefully, with your parents!